Aromae has selected the best pepper in the world from Kampot.
In fact, if the word Champagne refers to sparkling wine produced in a specific French region, Kampot indicates the certified origin of the pepper grown in an extraordinary province of Cambodia.

Beautiful pepper plants are grown organically, with no artificial fertilizer or pesticide on clay soils rich in minerals, and exposed to the beneficial winds of the ocean. Peppercorns are handpicked according to the degree of ripeness and, once dried, are selected to produce Black Pearl, Red Pearl and White Pearl peppercorns and Long Red peppers.

To obtain these precious varieties of pepper, only perfect grains are chosen: peppercorns with homogeneous color and diameter. Thanks to the extraordinary variety of aromas and flavors, and also thanks to the work done by Aromae, today Kampot pepper is becoming popular in Italian cuisine.

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